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    I am using my blog as a web portfolio for my graphic design work.

    There are 10 images of my work. I have also designed and uploaded a custom header. As it is now the portfolio pieces load first and the banner is the last image to load. Is there any way to force the banner to load first?




    What theme are you using? Do you have the CSS upgrade? In the meantime would having the thumbnails of your graphics of your work with links to the full images help out? What is the URL of your site?



    Sorry for the delayed response. I am using Kubrick 1.5. I do not have the CSS upgrade. I sized the images to look a specific size in on the page, so thumbnails are out of the question.

    url: patrickgaffney.wordpress.com




    Hi there,
    I have tested and used many if not all of the themes, including Kubrick and K2, which always loaded the headers last. In fact the only theme that I have used that does not load the header last is Misty Look.



    Thanks for the feedback. Any one out there know of a way to resolve this?

    It is pointless to have a custom banner if it doesn’t load until all the other images load. From a hierarchy standpoint the header is the MOST important image on the page.

    Help. . .



    Your fellow bloggers voluntarily answering questions on the forum including the Moderators cannot help you with this. Please look on the top right hand corner of any of your blog pages for the feedback button and click on it so the pane opens for you to communicate with staff.



    It’s strange that it’s happening for me as I’m on my duel OC-192s today and it does load a couple of seconds after everything else. Rather weird.

    edit: It is a mighty big file to be in there as a banner -> 150kb. Although the other images are just as large.



    I can tell you why it’s loading last, but I can’t tell you to fix it. Yet. I’m looking for an answer to that myself that doesn’t involve using a javascript preloader. The image loads last because it’s a background image specified by your CSS file, whereas the rest of your images are part of the main html body. Background images are last in line to be grabbed when a page is loaded.

    This looks promising, but I haven’t tried it yet:



    Hmm, I don’t think that’s correct as the original background image is loading and the newer image is being displayed over the top.



    That’s true. I see what you mean. Why does the CSS in the document call a header background image twice?

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