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    I swear that I saw a place to click and select for this earlier this evening. Now I can’t find it…or did I imagine it?

    What I believe I saw was an offer to put the header image on the front page only, on all pages, or random images on various pages.

    Was I hallucinating? If not, how do I get back to making that sort of choice?

    The blog I need help with is worich.wordpress.com.



    Hi, have you looked at the theme’s showcase page? http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/autofocus/

    Looking at the Demo site, it seems that the Header is only shown on the front page by default. Perhaps you were previewing other themes?


    i am using the oxygen theme and want only the home page to show the header image. is that possible?



    Yes. Have you read the Oxygen theme description?
    Here’s the link to the Oxygen live demo site > http://oxygendemo.wordpress.com/2


    Yes I have read the description.. but I don’t see where it says I can only use the header image on the first page.. it’s currently showing on all pages



    I don’t see that either and I just read through it and a lot of these forum threads https://en.forums.wordpress.com/tags/oxygen


    It would take some modifications to the CSS and that requires the custom design upgrade.


    Thanks anyway.. do you know of any tutorials that can help me learn to use the templates you download.?


    thesacredpath.. thanks.. is the CSS hard to learn?

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