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Header Image Pixel Size

  1. I looked through the FAQs and did a search and could not find an answer to my question.

    I am wanting to create my own header image for my blog. I am using the K2-lite theme. Can some one tell me the pixel size of the header image so I know what size of a header image to create? If there are any other suggestions, I would be more than happy to hear/read them.



  2. Look harder. Or use the search function. I would search for header. That seems logical to me. Then look at the four (4) search results. If you can't be bothered reading all 4, it's in the 3rd one.

    Sorry, feeling snipity today. You're looking here: right?

  3. ya it's there in the faq. if you wait a little longer someone would probably be really nice and give you the link straight away, but trust me it's there, i've been there. try searching under 'header image'.

  4. Thank you for your response. However, I am feeling a bit "snipity" myself today. I did a search and I did look at the FAQs. I read the results of those and nothing answered my question specifically. I saw sizes for the headers of other themes but not for the one that I am using. I thought I was rather specific about all of this in my initial post.

    I would just like to know the size of the header for the k2-lite theme.

    Thank you,


  5. Nevermind, I figured it out for myself.

  6. Link just for reference. 780 x 200

    I think we all need a good night sleep tonight. I've been dealing with my disability folks today. Lots of fun.

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