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Header image title not displayed in Internet Explorer

  1. theinnercircle

    My Blog doesn't show the logo in Internet Explorer. In Firefox it shows. Why? How can i fix it for IE users.

    Thanks all.

  2. What logo are we looking for? Please give a descritpion.

  3. thistimethisspace

    It's an eyeball and the words "The Lebanese Inner Circle" in firefox but I can't see it at all in IE

  4. theinnercircle

    yep, excatly, its a white circle inside a larger black one written the Lebanese Inner Circle. If you use Firefox or ANY other browser it shows. Except in Internet Explorer.
    This needs fixing and highly important to WordPress itself, since there seems to be a bug.

    Please Help.
    'n thanks

  5. As staff only respond to urgent matters on weekends, you will have to wait until after the weekend and then send in a feedback requesting assistance.

  6. theinnercircle

    Every Browser known to man is visible on WordPress EXCEPT Internet Explorer!!!


    Does WordPress see the urgency of solving this??

    Thanks all

  7. I am not a wordpress employee. I am a volunteer answering questions. Staff do have rsss feeds for the forums and if they think this matter is urgent then they will deal with it before the weekend is over. If not then you will have to send in a feedback after the weekend.

  8. theinnercircle

    thanks though :)

  9. You're welcome :)

  10. theinnercircle

    The problem has gone along way, and still not resolved. From emails, to Feedback.

    The problem seems so common. Why can;t I have a normal logo image on the head of my blog to be visible by all browsers.

  11. Have you changed something? Now I can't see it in Firefox either.

    In any case, Support is now back at work so maybe they will fix it for you.

  12. It's not a GIF, is it? They have a weird transparency issue where if the main part is the same colour as your blog and there's only one other colour, which is set to transparent, they vanish. Try saving it as a JPEG and using that instead.

  13. theinnercircle

    yep, I changed the png to jog with white background. Internet explorer is making do all tasks twice.
    As for the head, I decided to remove it until I am able to place a logo for all browsers. It cannot be possible for some users to see the logo, and other a blank black area.

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