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    I’ve tried a number of the templates on WordPress.com and have had varying success with the view of the custom header on an iPhone. I saw a blog using Ambriu and liked the way it showed the full header image when viewed as a mobile page. I tried that template and, after a couple of tries, was able to see the header I uploaded without it being cropped. As I tried some other templates and then tried Ambriu, I have not been able to get the header image to show up uncropped. Are there special considerations for doing this. It seems to me I had to hide the text over the header to make it work the first time. Do I need to edit the CSS? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is richardvogel.wordpress.com.



    I don’t have an iphone and don’t have any idea how my blog appears on one. I went to > Appearance > Extras and selected this below and the clicked “save Changes”.
    ___ Display a mobile theme when this blog is viewed with a mobile browser
    The only reason I am posting is to be sure that you know this “extra” does exist. Best wishes with your having your issue addressed. :)


    Good time to have an iPod touch :).

    The theme shown to all mobile devices on wordpress.com blogs is wordpress mobile.

    The image is cropped for space, size, and loading constraints.

    Like TT said you can disable it IF you want.

    I can’t see any changes because the blog is protected.

    This is what my blog looks like: http://tinypic.com/r/5mmotf/5



    It looks good. :)



    Yes, I am referring to the mobile page. I figured it out. It has to do with whether the blog is private or public. Private crops the header image. Public allows the header image to appear correctly. Not sure why this is, but there you go. Thanks.

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