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Header Image Won't Display In Firefox

  1. postcardsfromlife

    I've combed the forums, but can't find this answer. I'm new to WordPress, working on a Mac through my Firefox browser. I'm using the K2-lite theme (that permits custom header images). My photo was exported from iPhoto as a jpeg at the exact dimensions specified for the K2 theme (780 x 200 pixels) and the file size is only 120 KB.

    The header displays perfectly when viewed in Safari (even though I uploaded through Firefox), but nothing I try in Firefox will enable it to display.

    Oh, the blog is:

    Help?? Thanks!!

  2. I cannot reach your blog. Is it private?

  3. Your blog seems to be unavailable to me. Is it set to private?

  4. Great minds think alike ;-)

    The issue might be with the browser cache, but we can't tell… yet.

  5. postcardsfromlife

    Yes, sorry it was marked private. I've changed the setting. Have a look and thanks for the help!

  6. You're welcome. In Firefox 2 and Safari 3.1 I see the boat (but no iceberg). Does the problem persist when you click the reload button while holding the shift key?

  7. postcardsfromlife

    Okay, I feel like an idiot. I cleared the cache, closed Firefox and the image displayed great upon the re-open.

    I'll remember this is the future!! Thanks.

  8. I have the same problem on my site, and yes a Ctrl+f5 and a Ctrl+shift+del eventually brings up the image correctly, but isn't there a fix for this instead of a workaround?


  9. It's not a workaround, it's only a forced reload.

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