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    I’m just curious… is there any way I might be able to work around the fact that the theme Fauna doesn’t allow custom headers? (the lime green is ATROCIOUS, despite the fact the rest of the theme is beautiful!) Like maybe uploading one scaled, cropped, and sized to fit, adding it to a text widget, and using relative positioning??

    Any ideas?


    The blog I need help with is iwlayouttest.wordpress.com.


    In theory yes; in practice you’ll get different results in different browsers. An alternative would be an image with negative top and left margins; same problem. In short, no.


    (That is, no unless you buy the CSS upgrade, of course.)


    Well, bummer. :(

    Does anyone know if there are plans to add header customization to Fauna (or other similar themes as well)? Is that something the new & wonderful Theme Team might put on their agenda?

    On a side note, if I were to buy the CSS upgrade in the future (can’t afford it at the moment), what would I need to do to apply a custom header?



    You will have to address your first question to Staff in order to get an answer. Volunteers answering forum questions don’t have any additional information on this topic or any other one. We have the same information all members do and what you ask is not included. http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/

    As for the second question. I believe the the answer is you would have to supply an image, upload it and edit the CSS.

    P.S. I believe other bloggers would also consider using this theme if it had a customizable header option.


    I agree with you, Timethief. Fauna is beautiful… it’s just… GREEN! lol.

    Thanks for your help; I will ask the Staff. :)

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