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    The header image I’ve had for several months is not appearing on my blog. At first when I went to view it in Appearance > Header, the image was still there. I have re-added it now, five times. It is correctly sized at 780 x 200. Each time I am able to save it, upload it successfully, view it, but then if I reload the page, it disappears. Now when I go to upload it, my last save no longer appears, just the blue box. Suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is kiefferceramics.com.


    Well, after an hour of fussing, the header seems to be staying now that I’ve posted a query. However, my blog seems buggy. An image from my last blog post is *invisible* as well as a widget image in the side bar. They’re clickable, but not visible.


    Header is gone. Again…



    I am having the exact same problem. Does WordPress help staff read these forums?


    @kiefferceramics: I just checked your blog, and everything shows up fine but takes too long to load, because you’ve got too many posts on your front page with way too many images. If you don’t have a very fast connection, the browser may time out before loading everything. Go to Settings>Reading and reduce the number of posts per page to 2 or 3.


    Thanks for the suggestion, panaghiotisadam.

    I re-added the header again after my last post, and it is missing again (evaporated as I changed my posts per page) , and now that I’ve lessened the number of posts to five per page, those still have images missing/invisible as well one of my widget images. (Still missing with three per page too.) The images are in my library, though the header is not pictured if I go to header under appearance, but is also listed in my library.

    I guess I’m perplexed (and now exasperated!) as to why this is happening today because I’ve always listed 10-15 posts per page and am a very image heavy blog, but never had a problem, nor changed anything today.

    The larger dimensioned images seem to be lost over thumbnails, and none of the images on pages are missing, just recent posts.



    I’m using Firefox 3.6.13 and I can see your header image. I can also see images in all 4 posts on your front page which now loads quickly. If you wish to have more posts on your front page without slowing par loading time, you can split content and place “the more” tag in your posts so only the beginnings of post display on your front page. The full posts will display on pages of their own when the read more link is clicked. http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/more-tag/

    If you cannot view these images


    Thanks, timethief! Well, it’s good to know it may be me, and that I’m not half invisible to others. I’m currently using Chrome 9.0.597.84, which seems to be their most current version. Your link helped me see that WP recommends Firefox, so that’s good to know. Your link also helped me understand how to clear my cache and cookies, and now that I have, I can see everything, so thank you again, TImeThief!

    So was this primarily the issue, or is it truly desirable for me to limit the number of posts per page, or “summarize” my posts? I’ve been reluctant to do either because they increase the number of clicks for my readers to get to content, which I don’t like when I visit a website.

    Thanks so much!



    I believe your issue is a browser issue. Whenever we have such issues we immediately do the log otu, force claer browser cache and cookies manouver. If it doesn’t work the we beging troubelshooting in earnest. > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2010/10/18/blogging-and-troubleshooting/ I and many other bloggers have set our Firefox browser to clear our cache and cookies every time we log off the internet. So I don’t experience viewing cached version of pages and sites in my browser.

    The point about reducing page loading time is an important one. People hate waiting for pages to load and hate having to scroll. Search engines are aware of this and page loading time became a Google page ranking factor last year. Blogging: Strategies for reducing page loading time > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2009/06/13/blogging-strategies-for-reducing-page-loading-time/

    You may be worried about people not clicking a read more link to read the whole post on it’s old page but I have not had negative feedback on this. We have all become accustomed to magazine style themes over the course of a a few years now. I choose to use Inuit Types theme because it will automatuically display only beginnings of post on the front page followed by “read more” links. This provides my readers with an opportunity to pick and choose which recent posts they want to read. Making this choice means you have to be sharp when it comes to creating an enticing “lead” or “teaser” for front page display so readers want to click into read the full post.


    Thank you very much for taking the time to elaborate on both my technical glitch and technical wonderings, timethief. I really appreciate your thoughts and links. Thank you!



    You’re welcome. Best wishes with your blogging. :)

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