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    Hello. I’m using Sundance, and pretty much like it as is. Except… I’m having trouble with getting a logo in there I like. I want to make sure I have this right. This help page says that I can do a custom header. With Sundance, that means I can put in my own correctly sized image (a whopping 984×242). But, I can’t make it smaller, is that correct?

    To put a smaller image or align it over one column, I’d have to upgrade?

    And, if I did upgrade, to work with a different logo size and alignment, would I do that in CSS?

    Thanks for any help!

    The blog I need help with is alyeska-arts.com.



    That is correct.

    You could, however, put in a full-size header where most of it is the same color as the background and only a small portion is the image. To do any of the other changes, you’d need the custom design upgrade.



    Thanks. I’ve done that kind of thing before, but the space is just too big, I don’t like people having to scroll down that far to get to the text.

    If I just wanted to change the stock header text, would that require the upgrade too? I’d have to use CSS to do that as well. I’m putting off getting into CSS…

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