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    How do I control the order in which the items in my menu bar are displayed. I tried specifying the order in pages section but this does nothing. I would like for my menu bar to read from left to right HOME, ABOUT, SKID MARKS, DEATH OF FIELD, TIME FOR LIVE’N, ADDATRICK STOCKIST, CONTACT. Thank you, any help is greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is addatrick.wordpress.com.



    The Page Attributes module allows you to set page parents and templates, and to change the order of your pages. If you only want to have Page tabs in your horizontal menu then you can use these instructions to create the display order.

    If you have a theme that supports the Custom Menus Feature you can:
    Change the order of pages
    Nest pages to create sub-menus
    Display posts on different pages by creating category pages
    Add custom links to the navigation menu

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