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Header Missing

  1. My custom header comes and goes. Is this temporary or something that WordPress experiences often? If it doesn't show, it messes up the format of the blog, and that's not cool:P

  2. You are using the chaotic soul theme and I know there have been some problems with it, although I don't recall any to do with headers and don't have time to use the forum search box to confirm that. I'm looking at you blog and I see no header at all in my firefox 2 browser so I suggest you send staff a feedback with a link back to this thread.

  3. If you upload an image again, what happens?

  4. I don't have the image on me, it's at home, I'm at work. I'm guessing it will work but then I'd have to wait all day to send out the URL and the image is not showing in my preferences upload box. So the solution then with wordpress is when it fails to just reupload?

  5. Thanks Timethief, I sent them the link, no response yet. I guess I'll have to wait 10 hours before I'm home to reupload again.
    This happened yesterday while I was messing with getting my blog setup, I reuploaded and fixed it. But I'm not going to want to do this all the time, is this typical? Makes me hesitant about spending money or using wordpress if I'm going to have issues like this.
    Is this common?

  6. Oop! NM, Mark responded in my mail, thanks guys. Looks like there's nothing they can do.
    Let's hope it doesn't happen all the time.

  7. crowvalen:

    Can you please try uploading your custom header again?

  8. I did it and it's there. Hopefully it wont disappear tomorrow again O.o. Thanks guys.

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