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Header Missing

  1. The same custom header that I've employed atop my blog for close to 4 years is today suddenly and mysteriously missing. The blog's URL is and the theme I'm using -- the same as the one I've been using since 2007 -- is Contempt. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem with that theme or any other?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. It looks like the theme is trying to use this filename as the header:
    However, when you try to open it, it says "404 file not found". Did you delete it?

  3. Thanks for your reply.

    No, I didn't delete the header, and in point of fact, I just checked the custom CSS stylesheet for the blog and saw that the correct URL for the #headerimg ('') is still there.

    What's more, upon further inspection of the blog itself, I've discovered that there are numerous additional anomalies in evidence: The leading between lines is different, and many of the other features that I customized on the CSS stylesheet have suddenly been lost, with custom colors that I selected for fonts now changed, and the spacing of titles out-of-whack.

    So plainly, the problem isn't limited to the header; indeed, something is very wrong with the entire layout of the blog. Whether this is a problem related to ALL users of the Contempt theme or simply unique to my blog is something that I can't say at this point.

    However, I checked my Updates and verified that I have a paid subscription to Custom CSS through July, and I have not in any way altered my customized stylesheets, so they should be functional, yet they're certainly not functioning properly at this time.

    If no one else reports any problems with the Contempt theme, I guess I'll have to contact Support for help with my particular situation/dilemma. Naturally, following Murphy's Law, this problem WOULD arise on a Sunday, and I imagine Support won't be available again until Monday.

  4. Make that TUESDAY until I can get any help from Support — I just checked and saw a message stating that the Support team will be off Monday. Ugh!!!

  5. 1. The header image @airodyssey references appears to have been deleted or or something.

    2. As far as custom CSS, I see no custom CSS applied to whatsoever. In firebug I can find no evidence of any CSS customizations. The only CSS I see associated with your site is the original theme CSS.

  6. Thanks for your feedback. I'm not certain exactly how you can tell whether or not custom CSS has been applied to my blog in particular, but regardless, all I can tell you is that after checking my Upgrades, I have indeed confirmed that I have a paid subscription to Custom CSS for that blog through July 2011. Moreover, the Custom CSS WAS in effect right up until yesterday, and I've done absolutely nothing in the last 24 hours (in fact, the last 12 months, at the very least) to remove it or alter it in any way.

    If you have any other thoughts about what the problem might be, I'd appreciate your sharing them with me.

  7. I flagged this thread so it will get Staff attention. Hopefully, you issue will be resolved soon.

  8. Thank you, timethief. I'm grateful for your assistance.

  9. Although Staff are "brainstorming" they are montoring forum threads as well. You're welcome.

  10. Hi golddiggers, sorry about the trouble, it does look like the Custom CSS isn't loading on that site. We'll look into it and fix it up for you.

  11. Yes, it's now fixed. I greatly appreciate WordPress' prompt response to, and resolution of, the problem, thus providing one more example of why WordPress is far and away the best place to blog.

    Thank you so much, Lance, and my thanks to the WordPress technical staff, as well.

  12. Hi,

    I am having the same problem. For more than two years, I used an image as a header:

    In the last few days, the image is missing.
    This is my blog:

    Can you help me with this?

  13. @anarresti Your issue is not related to this; in your case the image is not loading because it doesn't exist. Please check the image link in your CSS and make sure it's valid.

  14. thank you lance, for the tip.

    I checked, and now I know what happend.
    The image was hosted in a domain of mine that expired.

    I must host the image elsewhere.

    I got it, thank you, again.

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