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Header Not Showing

  1. hijinxmarketing

    I am using Twenty Eleven for this blog. I can see the header image (photo with U.S. Flag background), but the person I am creating it for just sees a blank box with the little red x in the upper left. I have tried it on three computers and it always works for me, but she cannot see it on her PC or her iPhone.

    Any ideas on what might be wrong?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Where is the active link starting with http:// to the blog in question please?

    a blank box with the little red x in the upper left

    That sposunds like an IE browser issue to me. Tell your friend to upgrade here browser version or to upload a different browser like Firefox.

    For the iphone wordpress app, your friend needs to inquire over at

  3. edit: "sposunds" was meant to be "sounds"
    Also note that IE6 and IE7 browsers are no longer supported and have not been for some time now.

  4. The link to the blog appears to be per the other question (and per the occasional forum hiccup where the link does not appear momentarily... but is back as I type this).

    I see the header just fine so I agree with timethief: it might be a browser issue.

  5. ~~airodyssey
    I experienced "inactive" and no blog linked to the username so that's why I asked for the link. :)

  6. ~~timethief
    Yeah, the same happened to me, so I checked the previous questions in case the URL was there and lo and behold, "Inactive" became "Member" again at that same moment.

  7. ~~airodyssey
    Weird and noted. :)

  8. hijinxmarketing

    Thanks, everyone. I know that I selected the '' domain as the one I was referring to, but I did not see it show up anywhere in my post. Weird!


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