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    My header is not showing on my blog when the browser resolves. The image is 780 × 180 pixels per the instruction and once uploaded shows in the dashboard settings under header. It’s a simple .jpg, I’m clueless as to why it’s not resolving. When I check the code from the page the div tag associated with the header has nothing but a comment i.e. <!– Header –>

    Any ideas would be helpful :)

    The blog I need help with is undeadbard.wordpress.com.


    Is this the site you are talking about, http://undeadbard.wordpress.com/ ?


    Indeed it is


    Can you go to media > library in your dashboard and get the URL of the image and post it here in the forums so we can take a look at it?


    FWIW this is the image I uploaded yesterday:



    Did you prepare them to the exact size before attempting to add them as a header?


    I did


    I see nothing wrong with the image, it is standard RGB JPG. Chaotic Soul though has a header image size of 760 × 151 pixels. Resize and crop your image to those dimensions and then do the header upload with that image.


    Do the crop and resize in an image editing program before uploading it.


    The Theme I’m using is ChaosTheory not Chaotic Soul and it’s header size is 780 × 180:



    Oops, chaos… chaotic… my bad.

    There appears to be a bug in the theme since I cannot get it to work on my test site either. I’m tagging this to have it move to the themes forum so that one of the theme team can look into this problem since it is showing up on the header upload page as done, but it is not showing up in the markup for the theme pages.


    Image seems to be ok. But I tried a different image in my tests blog (using Chaos Theory) and it wouldn’t work either, while a few days ago it did. So there must be some glitch with the theme (Chaos Theory originally didn’t support a header image, and the feature was added very recently). Tagging this thread so it gets moved to the Themes forum where the WP theme team will see it.




    Beautiful! Thank you so much Richard and sir Admin. I thought I was going bloody mad there for a moment 0.o


    You are welcome and not going mad. WordPress sometimes appears like it is though.


    G’day Panos!!!


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    moved to Themes Forum



    Hi all,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I can confirm the Custom Header is not working correctly in Chaos Theory at the moment. I’ll take a look soonest and I’ll inform at here when it’s fixed.




    The custom header in Chaos Theory has been fixed now.


    Brilliant! Thank you!!!

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