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Header not showing up in K2-lite anymore

  1. livingprofiles

    Hi, My header was showing up fine after I added the image in the Custom Image Header section. However, once I edited the CSS (just changed text, bkgd and header color) the header image no longer will show up. Has this happened to anyone, and any recommendations? Or if someone can take a look at my code, and see if there is any error, i'd greatly appreciate it. My blog is:

  2. I see the image now.

  3. I see it, but it took a long time to load. Maybe the image is too big a file and it's not coming through on a low-speed connection?

  4. It's only 32kb so it should be quick - snap seems a little slow which will delay the page load.

  5. Loads fine for me!

  6. I have problems too. This is new. Never was that way before. Slow loading of header and problems showing images in posts. The thin gray frame gets cut off. Look at the 3 images at the end of this post:

    What can I do to make my blog function as well as it used to do?

    EDIT: I have K2 lite also.

  7. I would be curious to know how you fixed this issue. Livingprofiles - your blog header image looks good to me and I can see you've modified the rollovers in the menu. I want to do the same but my custom header isn't showing up.

  8. If you have the CSS upgrade, uploading the custom header the usual way won't work; the CSS overrides it. You need to upload the header image to the internet and then put the URL in the correct spot in the CSS.

  9. cool! thanks!

  10. I'm having the exact same problem -- how did you fix it?

  11. Did you pre-size the header image to exactly 770 pixels x 200 before uploading it? The best results are achieved when you do.

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