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Header not working

  1. I spent ages designing a header which I loved, it was the right size too. To my dismay it didn't work and it came up with the message
    'File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.' Why is this?

  2. If you have css customized your theme then you cannot use the header image uploader. The header image must be installed via the css.

  3. I do not have Custom CSS Upgrade. I am using the defult blog design.

  4. There's no way I know around this. I'm afraid you will have to make another one.

  5. What is the full file name for the image you are trying to use, including the extension (ex: .JPG, .GIF, etc) ? What program did you create it in?

  6. Sometimes if the image has the wrong extension eg its IN CAPS like some people do, or if the ext is MIA completely it won't take. There are plenty of ways round this. More info please. Every detail.

  7. The file name is 'STICK WITH YOU REVAMPED.BMP' though without the hyphens. I used Ulead photo explorer and Photo Impression 3.0 to create the parts, then I used Microsoft paint to pub all of the pieces together.

  8. Never mind I've got it working now. Check out my blog at
    It is a Club Penguin blog.

  9. Thanks for letting us know the issue was resolved.

  10. The population is increasing.. must.. find.. shelter..

  11. Just a reminder. As a rule files including images should have short simple names without spaces. And the name and extension should be in small letters. WP is on Linux / Apache servers. Of course.

  12. @abbydonkrafts
    CP was huge here at long before you arrived to answer forum questions. I suppose you could say learning how to cheat your way to the top of the game is like a growth industry. ;)
    Club Penguin

  13. @atthe404
    Thanks for the reminder. I'm learning at least one new thing from you every day and hopefully others are too. ;)

  14. Oh and browsers do not do BMP. gifs, jpgs, and intermittently png only.

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