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Header Photo Image

  1. Does Custom CSS allow someone to change the custom header image.
    I have a photo on my blog, but would like to put three separate photos (side-by-side) into the header.

    Is there a way to do this?
    Also, can the size be changed (to make it smaller)?

    My blog is -



  2. Hi Duane,

    I am looking for the exact same thing - anyone??

    I accidentally subscribed to CSS for $15 not knowing you can preview without buying - so buyers beware!!


  3. Contact staff and ask for a refund if you don't want it.

    You can do a custom header without the CSS upgrade on most themes; on the Design page, you can filter your search just for themes with customizable headers. You have to design the header off, like in Photoshop or Paint, so to do that one with three images, you just have to stitch them together and THEN upload them via the Custom Header uploader.

    Do NOT buy the CSS upgrade unless you already know how to use CSS. And yes, preview is great.

    The CSS upgrade won't prevent you from having to do the graphic manipulation I mentioned above; you'll still have to do it, but doing custom headers is HARDER after purchasing the upgrade.

  4. Thanks,

    I'll try to stich them together the way you mentioned....

    Already have the CSS upgrade - actually, it helped - with a site warning that i needed to stand out (with color), and taking off universal categories after posts - for me, CSS was well worth the money.....

    However, now I'm concerned - how will it be HARDER after purchasing the upgrade?

    Thanks so much for your help,


  5. After the upgrade you can't use the Custom Header Uploader at all.

    You have to crop the image to fit exactly, upload it, then insert the URL of the uploaded image in the proper spot in your CSS.

  6. Check out a program (Free to download) called DrawPlus 4.
    You can create custom page sizes and designs. You can even create animated giff's for your site if the urge struck you. Check it out at
    It worked for the header on my page which has a picture and graphic shadowed text.
    Also, if you have to crop your final image exactly, this program may do the trick.
    You'll be able to open all three pictures and place them side by side quite easily in this program. Then convert it to a giff and upload it and you'll be there.
    Hope this helps

  7. raincoaster and cuzzoclay,

    thank you


  8. I have the CSS upgrade and I uploaded a custom header image just fine.

  9. I am guessing you did not change the proportions of the header div?

  10. correct ;) still using 730x180

    Photoshopped an image, uploaded, worked. I also modded the CSS to put an image in the nav bar and to the right of the header.

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