Header photo won't change

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    I’ve uploaded a new photo for the header although it isn’t showing. Helppp…

    The blog I need help with is buttermilkfallsblog.wordpress.com.



    Have you tried following the video tutorial at this link? https://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-header-image/

    Let me know if you have any questions.



    I am having the same problem, i followed the tutorial but that is what I already did. It allows me to upload the image and apply it but it wont appear.


    Sorry to hear custom headers are not working for you @herovimz

    Which theme are you using? You want to be sure your theme supports custom headers.

    And can you also “provide a detailed description of the header image that you attempted to upload and/or attach the image file [link].”



    buttermilkfallsblog – I see your custom header as expected on pages that don’t have their own featured image. Did you get this sorted? If you still need help, could you provide links to some pages or posts where you’re not seeing your custom header?

    herovimz – please provide a link to your site.



    This is my page – https://lifeofvimal.wordpress.com/
    I tried to change the image on other themes and it works but just not for this one.



    I managed to fix it! Instead of pressing customise, i pressed edit and there i was able to change the image and it worked!



    herovimz – great!

    ourbuttermilkfalls – are you still having trouble or are you all set?

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