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    I try to upload a picture from paint and I do the exact size and then I save it and then try to put it as my header but it won’t upload it. Why not?



    What kind of blog is it? Please give us a link so we can see. Some themes don’t allow customized headers at all.

    And what is the URL of the uploaded image? We can look at it and give you some feedback.

    And what kind of error message or failure are you getting? What happens when you try to put it in the header?


    Also, did you make sure to save it as a JPG or PNG and not a BMP?



    I have the same problem too. I changed the font to the wording (using Photoshop) on an imagine that I was already using as my header; when I tried to upload it I got a message back saying that it had been successfully uploaded but not only had it not been uploaded — it was replaced with the a preset header. Does WordPress not allow for any changes to the fonts, I wonder?



    If the font is a part of the actual JPG, that shouldn’t make any difference. If you’re trying to change text that you had to type into WordPress, or that is automatically generated by the software, then yes, it’ll reject it.

    Before you try uploading again, change the name of the file. Sometimes that’s the problem.



    Thanks for the reply — I tried changing the file name a few times (to JPG ang PNG) but nothing happened. How does WP know that the changes I made using Photoshop are not part of the original JPG? (The font is not really that elaborate anyway.)

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