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    I love the layout of the theme ‘Columnist’ but there’s one very annoying problem with it. If I try to use a word that is at all long – say 10 characters – it splits the word up in the worst possible way. For instance, I just tried to call a blog post ‘Tom Jones, Ripsnorting Read’ but it came out as
    Tom Jones, Ripsnortin
    g Read’
    Which looks horribly ugly. This problem would be easily fixed just by reducing the font size on the headers by a couple of points, or giving us bloggers a choice of header font sizes to accommodate long words. As it is, I’ll either have to change theme or avoid using any long words in my titles, which is ridiculous.

    The blog I need help with is trewisms.wordpress.com.



    You’re right, but at least one staff member doesn’t seem willing to consider this:
    Note my reply, and note the staff reply: he says “rolling the discussion over to [the other] thread” then goes and closes the other thread too!
    In that thread he says “we feel it’s best to leave it as-is”. Only he seems to understand why that’s “best”, and only he seems to forget that the issue has to do with all post titles, not just with the blog title.



    Thanks for the help! I’m sorry they’re ignoring the obvious with this. I’ve switched over to a different theme now, it’s the only way to avoid getting annoyed every time I post!


    I had same problem, I added spaces between words so each word was complete on one line. of course, you probably have another theme by now…

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