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    Today I purchased the Premium theme ‘Opti’.
    I am having difficulties with the header. I have inserted my business logo in the header and when I search my wordpress site with my iPhone, the header is there (although theme layout is different) however, my logo is not present on my wordpress site when viewing with my computer or ipad?

    The blog I need help with is ballaratvocalise.wordpress.com.


    There is a separate forum for each Premium theme;



    The header logo (a standard wordpress one in which I inserted a phrase)at the top of my blog. http://www.onlychildwrites.wordpress.com suddenly stopped displaying for any of my blog posts. My blog has been going since Nov. 9 and this has never happened before – it was fine when I last posted Jan. 29, 2013. Posts themselves are displaying fine. I checked the Support reference to this and I don’t think it’s a cache problem or my ISP (I even checked the latter by hooking up my backup dial-up ISP -still no header showing). And I hit the refresh button. The logo isn’t showing on both my computers but all logos, photos, etc. for my wordpress domain type blog http://www.sharonacrawfordauthor.com are showing fine on both computers. Both computers use the Firefox browser version 18.01

    So via the Dashboard in onlychildwrites.wordpress.com I went to Headings and could see the custom-blue I had chosen (minus the phrases I had added) and clicked on “restore heading ” and “save” and the header still didn’t come up – even after I hit the refresh button – that’s on both computers..

    Where is my header logo that should be appearing at the top of my blog posts for http://www.onlychildwrites.wordpress.com and how can I get it back?


    Sharon A. Crawford

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