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Header reset / Entries cannot be found

  1. Hello Folks.

    I also suffer from this problem many people have these days. Every day my recently opened second blog with Ocean Mist theme ( resets my custom header and tells me that my created pages were not available (error 404 - file not found). Then again, it may change to full working mode again in the evening before being resetted the next afternoon or so.

    My main blog ( is not affected by any of this. What's wrong there? I'd really appreciate your help! =)

  2. @caveras

    Your blog should be fixed now.

  3. I think so, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to trust it =)

    Thank you!

  4. Your header is really outstanding. I like it big time. :)

  5. Thank you thief =)

    Uhm.. for Barry or other staff members - reset happened this noon again, as during the days before. When I upload my custom header, everything is functional again, but the next day it's header reset and scrambled pages/links once again.

    Is there hope that this switching will stop someday? T_T

  6. You're welcome. I don't think that continuing to upload your header repeatedly is the way to go. Major changes were undertaken on the weekend and some blogs were negatively impacted. I do not know if your blog was among them or if your problem stems from something else. However, rest assured that staff is on the job. They monitor forum threads and will get to your blog as soon as they can. Thanks for posting your details here so they can locate your blog.

  7. Alright, thank you !
    So I'll just wait it out~ no problem =)

  8. I know this is very frustrating so thanks for being gracious and patient. :)

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