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    I have a header that I’m trying to use. It is on my website now. I had to crop it to get it to fit. I have tried multiple times and multiple ways to resize the header in photoshop and illustrator. I had it resized to the exact specs needed. The problem is when I upload the header it still wants me to crop it. It doesn’t matter what size I make the header, when I upload it wp still wants to crop it. So no matter the size it is when uploaded I still get the same crop. The crop size changes when i change the header size. It’s like it is a ratio of whatever I upload. Need some help please. I hope you guys know what I’m trying to convey.

    The blog I need help with is ktfuller.wordpress.com.



    I am currently using the neo-sapin template and here is what I did. (Photoshop needed!)
    I went to upload new header page and noted the pixel x pixel ratio needed.
    Back to photoshop and made a new image at 72 dpi with those properties.
    I then copied and pasted the image in and free transformed to the right fit.
    Flaten all layers and save as “banner01 or similar.

    Perhaps part of your issue too is that the original image you are uploading has a high pixel count.
    I have not noticed myself the ability to change the header size with a crop. Only the avatar


    @ktfuller, what version of photoshop are you using?



    CS3. I changed the dpi to 72 already. I went under file and chose save for web as well

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