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Header size

  1. I looked in the FAQ but I didn’t see this anywear. Does anybody know the dimension the header has to be for Contempt 1.0 so the hole things shows?

  2. Podz has one here for Contempt but it doesn't say 1.0. Is that it too or another one:

  3. nosy and patriotsfan - the version we have is 1.0 Contempt.

  4. Says 750 x 140 pixels. (Just to answer the first quesion and in case anyone else comes by and reads this thread.)

    Podz, if you see this, can we add in sizes to that FAQ on the headers please?

  5. Thanks : )

  6. this was easy, all you had to do was right click the banner, go to properties, and look at the dimensions.

  7. Some of use don't have the option of a right click though as our terminals are locked down.

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