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Header Size

  1. Why can't I adjust the size of my header? I have an image that fits the required length fine but is too tall and thus I have to crop a big chunk of it out to use it. Is there any way to adjust the header size or is it necessarily fixed? Its a very annoying, seemingly easy to fix problem.

  2. You have not provided a link to your blog or stated the name of the theme you are using. An image of exactly the correct size is best and the header sizes for most themes are found here If you have a windows OS simply put the image into MSPaint and pre-size it before uploading it.

  3. The header size is set in the theme you have chosen. If you wish to change the theme to one of your own design you need to re-write the theme and get the CSS upgrade.
    Sorry - no other way.

  4. Dang. Why would you write a fixed image size into a theme? My blog is and I'm using the PressRow theme. So there is absolutely no way to allow header images to be taller without rewriting the entire theme?

  5. Why would you write a fixed image size into a theme?

    Because that's the correct way to do it. XHTML and HTML valid and all that

    without rewriting the entire theme?

    With the CSS upgrade, you can make changes to the CSS settings including the heights and widths.

  6. Ah, nice incentive to get the upgrade.

  7. Is that what you did? I ask because I see no header at all on your blog now although the footer says it's the Pressrow theme.

  8. I see a header. Custom guitar.

  9. Yeah, now I've got this problem where I have to reload the page three times to get it to look the way its supposed to. I don't suppose any of you know what that is about?

  10. maybe this:

    edit: it looks okay to me right now

  11. Cool. Thanks for the tip judyb12!

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