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    Hi everyone, wondering if anyone knows whether the header size in the Origin theme is able to be changed if you purchase the custom design upgrade to edit the CSS of the theme?

    I’m currently designing something new for my header and was wondering if it’s in any way possible to somehow have the header be slightly taller, e.g. 940 x 200-300 pixels, instead of the current 940 x 150 pixels. I’m not sure if the custom design upgrade would be able to accommodate for this considering that when you upload your header it would ask you to crop the image if it’s sized beyond 940 x 150 pixels, but thought I would ask anyway.

    I really hope this request makes sense! :) Thanks to anyone who can provide help!

    The blog I need help with is filmgrimoire.wordpress.com.


    Hi annahcha,

    I don’t believe you even need to purchase the Custom CSS for this.

    I just did a quick test on this theme. I created an image 940 x 300. Uploaded it as the header image but just chose to skip the cropping step. It seems to have worked properly for me.

    Let me know if it works for you.



    Absolute genius, that’s worked for me! Thanks so much sandymcfadden! :)


    Fantastic, glad to hear it worked for you.

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