Header size readjustment for Minimum Theme?

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    Hello community,

    The theme I’m using for my blog is Minimum, by StudioPress. It’s a premium theme and I do not have the CSS upgrade.

    I noticed today that my sidebar had increased in size by 50 pixels but that I can’t upload a header to compensate for the increase in space. The theme layout I’m using (content and one sidebar) has a 660 pixel main column and a sidebar that hosts images up to 250 pixels. The padding between columns and column content accounts for 50 pixels. The full-width layout is 960 pixels wide, and this is the same size of the header at the top that spans the entire width of the page.

    It appears now that my sidebar hosts images up to 300 pixels. By default, this increases the width of the entire page from 960 to 1010 pixels. When I made a resized header that is 1010 pixels wide, the header upload page prompted me to crop the image back down to 960. When uploaded, there remains a 50 pixel-wide space that throws off the symmetry of the page.

    I’ve included this image for people to get a visual sense of what I mean: http://smpalestine.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/50pxwp.jpg

    I’m wondering if WordPress will be able/willing to fully accommodate the change by allowing users of the Minimum theme to upload headers up to 1010 rather than 960 pixels. This will allow the header and the page to be fully flush. Or if that is not a possibility, will WordPress return the sidebar width to 250 pixels?

    I’ve fiddled around with readjusting the width of images in my sidebar and removing the menu just under the header. I’ve also cleared out my cache and viewed the page from another browser to make sure this wasn’t a problem with my specific computer and browser. No luck, unfortunately.

    Thank you for any and all help.

    The blog I need help with is smpalestine.com.

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