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    I would like to have less space in my header above the Header photo image. The different page options are quite widely spaced as well as up and down and give the feeling of way to much space above the image. When a person brings up the website, they have to scroll down to beging to see the header image. Can that all be tightened up?

    The blog I need help with is calmingharp.com.



    The theme has an outrageous 4.236em padding above and below menu items. Try adding this in the CSS editor and see if you like it:

    .site-navigation ul.menu > li > a, .site-navigation div.menu > ul > li > a {
        padding: 0 1em 1em 0;


    Thank you that worked very well. Looks much better now. Now I have another question. As you can tell I am “newbee” – Somehow the Main Header title at the top of my page came out “calmingharp” and the subtitle “Making calming harp music available for listening” . I would like to change this by adding capital letters and separating the calmingharp. How do I get into the header to edit this. Thanks so much for your help,



    In your blog’s dashboard area go to Appearance -> Themes -> Customise. Under the “Settings” menu click on “Site Title and Tagline.” You will be able to edit the text in your Site Title and Subtitle here.



    Faster and more reliable: Settings > General (on the main dashboard sidebar).

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