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    I changed by browser from Internet Explorer to Firefox. So did my husband. In the header on Internet Explorer “Prayers for Everyday” was one line on both computers. Now on my Firefox browser it still comes in one line, but on his Firefox browser each word of “Prayers for Everyday” is on a separate line. The same occurs on computers in the computer room of our building. How can I be sure that is a one line header on all computers receiving my blog?
    Thanks, Carlee Hallman

    The blog I need help with is prayersforeveryday.wordpress.com.



    looks like you have a custom theme so you can get to the CSS to put this there:

    #site-title h1 {
    width: 65% !important;

    the default width value in that title is 30% which is a bit narrow and the reason the text is wrapping;

    you’ll want to test that 65% with a slightly higher/lower value so your name is not pushed around too much and the two nav menu items don’t get squished


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