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    Hi. I’m using Twenty Eleven theme. I need to add an explanatory paragraph to my blog (maybe two sentences) describing how my blog works. Am I able to add a header under my banner?
    Or should I create a page that always loads first when people go to my blog. Would my other posts automatically scroll directly under that page (which is what I want); or would the page sit by itself? Also, if a page is the best way to create a header, can I delete the large post header text? I’d prefer the explanatory text to just be a paragraph without a large header if that makes sense!! Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is oneequalstwo.wordpress.com.


    If you want your posts to show on the main page, you can create a “sticky” post and that will always appear at the top of the main page.


    This could also be done by using CSS to style and move a text widget up and into the area below the navigation. It is a little more involved but might be a more desireable solution since it would not have all the title, date, author, category stuff that a sticky post would.



    That sounds like a great solution! I definitely would prefer not to have the date/author stuff each time. Where do I create that? And can I create that using normal paragraph text, as the text widget supplied under ‘widgets’ seems to only offer the tiny sidebar text size. Thank you again for your time.



    You can create a Sticky post if you want (but keep it brief!) or an Alert on that theme, I believe. These stay at the top of the posts.

    You’re getting pages and posts mixed up. Posts never display under pages with content.



    Thanks. Will look into doing the text widget, or the alert then. I don’t want the date, large heading etc. to appear on it. Thank you.


    If you set a Showcase template page as your front, then you can display the latest posts as well as static content. See here:



    Thanks Panos and Raincoaster. A sticky post contains a large heading though, like a normal post. Am I correct? I really only want to add a paragraph, with bodycopy-sized text only, no heading, no date. Just 2 or 3 sentences explaining the concept of my blog; which would always appear under the header masthead; like the Intro copy I use for my actual posts, in a colored background panel (BTW, thanks for the tips on background color Panos. Looks great I think!). How do I create an ‘alert’ please? I can’t find the documentation to do that. I’m with 2011 theme. Thanks again!


    You have the Custom Design Upgrade, so the post title and meta data can be hidden for that particular post leaving just the main content.


    Very few themes have an Alert box and 2011 isn’t one of them. You should either use a Text widget at the top of the sidebar or use a showcase template page as your front: read the post I linked to, please.

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