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Header upload coming up gray

  1. EEEK! I went to change my header today and it keeps uploading as a plain gray box. Anyone else haveing this problem? I've tried doing different file types like jpeg and gif and the same thing happens. Am i doing something stupid?

  2. There's about a dozen thread on the topic already. Please let us know the filename and size so we can help you. The issue is normally due to one or the other.

  3. its header.gif and about 75k

  4. That sounds fine although 75k I believe is more towards the high side of what's allowed. (Please remember that many folks are still on dial up.)

    I'll send in a feedback and see if we can get staff involved with this.

  5. i had mine look gray in the preview/crop page, but i saved it and it looked fine. but then, my image was already sized, so i didn't need to see the image for cropping.

  6. It's not animated, is it? I know the software is removing the animations. At least it was...

  7. newp. it was the correct dimensions, and i had no crop handles, so i'm guessing they're working on making it easier for people who've already cropped their image.

  8. i tried cropping it and all while it was gray but it still didn't work, so i dunno

  9. By the way, what does the new header look like? I'm seeing the blury trees on your blog currently.

  10. lol, yeah that is one of my blogs. Its my second one i am trying to change
    the new one has a bunch of yarn that I messed with on Jasc psp

  11. Yes, something's strange on that since the picture isn't even coming up manually.

  12. katy2484, your header is fixed.

    Any other reports of this should be sent in as feedback as we are investigating the cause.

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