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Header weirdness in Dusk theme

  1. Has anyone else using the Dusk theme noticed any weirdness with the header? I'm seeing the curved corner at the top of the page has an extra bit of black thickness, which looks as if that gif just got bumped to the right ten pixels or so. Has anyone else noticed this strange effect lately, or is it just me? Can you see it on my blog, or is it my browser/compy that's messing up? I'm on IE6, can't upgrade to anything nicer, alas.

  2. I see a very fat woman on a campstool with a chihuahua under it at the link you provided above in the post.
    When I click on your username I see your header appearing perfectly in firefox 2.
    (1) Is this truly a support question?
    (2) If you're using your own computer then why can't you download a free firefox 2 browser?

  3. Sorry, link fixed. Didn't mean to lay that one on you!

    Can't use Firefox because I'm running Windows 98, because the computer won't support anything more advanced, and Firefox won't run on that.

    I put it in support because god knows I've not touched CSS and it's certainly not an ideas question. I put it here so that if other people could see the same strange bump on the curve on the right-hand side of the blog, I could alert WordPress; if none can, I can assume it's just something in my own setup and ignore it, as it doesn't affect anyone else.

  4. Looks fine to me in IE7 but I've never dealt with the Dusk theme myself.

  5. @rain
    When you do get a new computer go to NCIX (wholesalers). Your theme looks fine to me in firefox

  6. Thanks for the advice. When I get a new computer, it will likely be a used computer. I am never NOT getting a laptop again.

  7. I think did very well getting my new computer for $560. minus the monitor which I already had. I hate touch pads and teeny tiny screens.

  8. oops!

  9. ?

    My eyes are okay, so the teeny screen is fine. My big problem is mobility; I am always out and need to check emails, etc and I love to write elsewhere but it makes it seem like such a waste of time to then have to spend hours typing things into the damn compy. A laptop would substantially increase my productivity, so I'm going to hold out for one. Alas, none of my notebook-owning pals is upgrading any time soon.

  10. Who knows what good fortune may befall you? So keep your fingers crossed. :)

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