Header works in Safari, but not in Firefox

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    Hi. I’m on Mac OS X, and have been having a really hard time getting my custom header to work, and I’ve read through every forum topic re: headers. I’ve had to upload it in Firefox, as Safari doesn’t support the upload, but then Firefox just shows a blank space, instead of a header. It looks fine in Safari, though.

    Any thoughts as to why this is, and is it working for anybody else in their Firefox browser?
    It’s http://keeperofthehome.wordpress.com




    I think you need to save the image again from whatever you are using, and ensure it is saved / exported as a .jpg

    The file was incorrectly encoded.


    Thanks for responding. I’ve actually tried resaving the file over and over again (it’s in photoshop), with different names and with different file types (jpg, jpeg, png) and none of them have worked on firefox. I just tried it again as you suggested, and it didn’t fix the problem.

    Could there be some kind of advanced setting when I’m saving it that I need to change? I don’t know photoshop very well yet.



    I can’t afford photoshop so I’ve never used it.

    Look for a Save As menu, so Save for Web



    I believe the Save for Web function saves as Gif, which should work. The main problem with Photoshop is that it saves with much higher resolution than the web needs or can use. Could you reduce the resolution?

    Mark: that is a testament to your character. I can’t afford it either, but somehow I have it.


    I had been using the Save As, but didn’t notice that further down there was a Save for Web option. I tried it and I’ve got it working now on both browsers. The resolution isn’t great, but I think that’s a different issue.



    First make sure that your image is the correct size for the header area before you use the save for web. Then when you go to the save for web option, you can choose what file type you want to save, and what “quality you want. Set it for jpeg and select medium and you should be fine. You might have to try a couple times unless your version of photoshop shows the expected file size for your settings. I would recommend you keep it down around 35-40k so that it will load faster.



    raincoaster, in Photoshop Elements (the poor man’s Photoshop 8>} ) The Save For Web has the option to save as a GIF or jpg. If you save as jpg, you have several quality options in order to reduce file size.

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