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    site: friendemies.com
    theme: freestyle from (http://biboz.net/freestyle/), with some modifications that i have been able to figure out over the last couple days
    me: limited knowledge

    i swear im not 100% retarded, and that i have actually spent time looking about the forum and searching through the style sheet and main index template, but i cant figure a couple things:

    what i would like to be able to do is:
    1) have a centered banner/header (preferably an image, but if thats not feasible, center the title that is currently on the site–in the rightside div).

    2) correct the sidebar issue (length/height) on pages other than the main page

    3) adjust the what i would believe to be the content div width, where the blog posts appear

    if you can help with any of the above, i appreciate your time in helping me learn. if you know the freestyle theme to be particularly bad or have any other comments, those are appreciated as well.

    thanks in advance for your help



    Your blog is not a wordpress.com one, so you’re on the wrong forum. You should have a look at http://wordpress.org/support

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