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    Hi all. Am I correct in saying that one can only upload HEADERS if you are using wordpress.com? That you CANNOT upload templates if you are using wordpress.com? And if that is so where does one FIND headers? I have been searching and searching and cannot find any. Looking for a fun/teen related header in girly colors. Does a header like that exist anywhere please? I am at my wits end……

    The blog I need help with is empoweringyounglives.wordpress.com.



    That is correct.

    You don’t “find” headers. There’s no header factory. You have to make one of your own. Find a picture you like in your files and crop it to the right size and upload it and away you go.

    You can use online photoeditors like http://picnik.com to tweak it, add text and effects, all kinds of things. Then you upload it.



    Ok, thank you. Creating my own sounds terribily difficult. I would not know where to start. :(



    I’ve never used it but you could try http://flickr.com

    At the bottom there you can search only CC licensed images that you can change to suit what you want. So that’s worth a look.

    It’s polite to mention the original author when you blog about the new header :)



    Thank you, will go and have a look. Will certainly mention author if I use their image. :)



    There are many sites one can get free pre-made blog headers from. In some cases they may need resizing. See this post for 9 sources of free pre-made blog headers for all seasons despite the title > http://en.support.wordpress.com/prevent-content-theft/

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