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Heading 1 With Blod text problem with Kubrick Theme

  1. I'm Having a Problem with my posts

    Heres my blog site link:

    If you look under the pictures of my posts you see a blank space and when you highlight the blank space It has my Heading of the post and its BIG

    It doesnt Happen to the theme Garland when I do it (my other blog)

    How can I make it the size and make the text Black like Garland (sample of my other posts at (First Post under picture))

  2. It is the way that Heading 1 ( <h1>New Stage!!!</h1> ) is displayed. If you just make it <strong>New Stage!!!</strong> or something similar, it will show up better. If you have the CSS upgrade you can change things around with limited support from volunteers, but remember there is no official support from staff for people that have the CSS upgrade. That is what would be required to change colors around :)


  3. @trent. Do you know if that blog is violating any TOS? It struck me that it's probably violating Disney copyright and they don't take too kindly to that. I couldn't see a way of reporting a blog for anything other than spam or mature content, which it clearly isn't. What do you think?

  4. It certainly is possible, so maybe staff can take a look at it and decide for sure rosclarke.


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