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    Hello! I’m french canadian, so I might make english mistake…

    My point is, I just creat a new blog, and at the beginning I had the choice of heading color and\or changing it for a loaded image. Which I did, but then I’ve decided to try it with a theme… Bad move!! I’ve lost my loaded image… and I cannot go back at the previous step, now it doesn’t propose me anymore to upload an image among the settings…

    Is there a way to come back to the original theme and settings, which were finally a way better for my blog? I want to put back my heading uploaded image and original theme…!

    Thanks a lot for helping me!!




    You can chage your theme as often as you like and if you choose a theme that allows a custom header you can change the header as often as you like.
    These are the themes that allow for custom headers Ambiru, Benevolence, Blix, Connections, Contempt, Cutline, Kubric, Neat, Pool, Pressrow, Regulus, Rubric, Sapphire.

    How to change themes step by step walk through
    -> dashboard -> presentation -> themes -> click on the theme of your choice or on it’s title -> click on “view site”

    Once you have the theme you can then upload the same image you used before and crop it to become your header.

    -> dashboard -> presentation -> custom image header -> browse (choose an image from your computer) -> upload -> crop image – view site

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