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    My editor has suddenly stopped showing formatting toolbar but the other elements like Bold, numbering, link and media buttons are visible. It was working until yesterday.
    I have tried it in Chrome, Firefox, IE, results are same.
    Have cleared the cache and cookies and forced refresh for Chrome.
    I have not changed any setting also since yesterday.
    I am not sure, what else I can try from my end.

    The blog I need help with is abundancethinkers.wordpress.com.


    In your editor page, is there a “visual” and “HTML” tab toward the top right of the text area? If yes, click the “visual” tab.

    If there isn’t, then in your dashboard, go to users > personal settings and at the top make sure that “Disable the visual editor when writing” is unchecked and then save.


    Both the tabs are visible and saved twice by changing the settings in the user>personal settings. No success. Do you have any other clue?


    Please do not spend time on this. I have resolved this issue. Seems, I did not click on the kitchen sink button which makes the heading and other buttons visible. Now all buttons are there.
    Consider this as closed.


    Did you click on the visual tab to make it active?

    Try disabling the visual editor at users > personal settings and save. Then go to the editor page and after it loads, force refresh it. Then go back to users > personal settings, activate the visual editor again and save and then go back to the editor window and force refresh the page and see if it will then switch to the visual tab.


    Glad you got it figured out.


    thesacredpath, thanks for your help. This is resolved now.


    You are welcome.

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