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  1. Today, when i was publishing a post I got an invite to A quick Google search seems to say that this is a pay to promote your blog service. From some of the comments on one website it seems it a waste of time.

    Has anyone else had this option given to them? Did you use it?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
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    [opinion] That being said,< I am a hobby blogger. I desire only targeted traffic that comprised of people who are legitimately interested in my content. I offer no bribes, giveaway, coupons or any such incentives to subscribe and I view all the foregoing with contempt.

    I pay for a No-Ads upgrade to keep ads off my blog.

    Pay for traffic and you get a flood of one hit wonders that send your bounce rate through the sky and for what? If your blog is not on a domain and you aren't splitting advertising income with in the WordAds program then what does that leave you with?

    You pay for traffic, gets more traffic and potential clickers and you get bragging stats - whoopee dong! How low do you want to go to blow your horn just to assuage your own ego? [/opinion]

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