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    Has anybody used this theme? I love it but hesitate to purchase it because it doesn’t indicate in the preview window whether you can display an image beside your content.

    I understand the featured images option, but it seems that you can have a small iconic image alongside your other blog entries, but, as I said, I can’t see this yet.

    Can some one point me to a website with this theme. I would hate to purchase it and then be disappointed.

    The blog I need help with is masterclasslady.com.


    Use a google filtering search such as this and look through the results.

    site:wordpress.com headlines by woothemes

    You will have go to the home page for each site after getting to the site by getting rid of everything past .com/ .


    Thanks so very much. I actually did a search on WordPress also and found the information I needed. it pointed me to two blogs that bare currently using the theme.

    Will do the google search that you advised. Just to be sure.

    Thanks again!!!



    Yes you can display images besides, or inside, posts. In fact, you can include photos AND video in a post. Headlines is a nice theme, I am using it at http://icflr.wordpress.com. You can see the same posts on the front page with two of them in the “featured posts” and one not (you can only have “featured posts” moving thingee on the blog page; but you don’t have to have it move there if you don’t like).

    Then I have the same posts static on the page called “Media” so folks could see how they like it. (Some of the older folks don’t like moving text; the younger people really want it).

    However, I want to have a lot more functionality than WordPress.com allows, so I’m trying to see if I can use this theme on WordPress.org.

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