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Headlines theme - Are custom header images allowed? (

  1. I'm interested in purchasing the Headlines premium theme, but the one question I can't seem to find answered is whether or not this theme allows for a custom header image. WooThemes seems to say yes, on self-hosted blogs, but there is no clear answer for hosted (free) blogs with the premium theme.

    Any definitive answer?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Headlines allows you to upload a custom logo image, which I guess you could say is like a header image.

  3. Thanks ... in the theme sample, where it says "Headlines" at the top of the demo blog ... I want to replace the text "Headlines" with a graphic. That's what I mean by custom header image.

  4. <bump> Again, this is for the free WP hosted .com blog not a self-hosted .org blog.

  5. @radiopd Headlines has a custom logo uploader that replaces the default text title.

    At this time it does not support a custom header image via Appearance > Header.

  6. I'm not sure I understand the difference between custom logo uploader and custom header image. But, it sounds like you're saying yes - on the free blog, I can replace the text blog title with a logo/graphic banner at the top of the blog. Thanks.

  7. You're welcome.

    on the free blog

    It's not free, Headlines is a premium theme that costs $45.

  8. Right, but the hosting is on the free service ... not self-hosted ...

  9. Yes, this is

  10. @radiopd
    These are the ONLY themes that you can use free of charge > Appearance > Themes on a free blog from and being free hosted by
    These are the themes there that do have custom headers as a feature >

    Headlines is NOT a free theme. It is a paid theme that those with free blog from and being free hosted by can purchase. Unless you purchase Headlines i it it's not available to you. If you do purchase it then the theme does not have the custom header option. See here >

    Hope this is clear to you now. :)

  11. OOPS! I only meant to place the word "Healines" in blod lettering but I accidentally left a strong tag open. Sorry :(

  12. I realize Headlines is a paid premium theme for purchase, on the free blog.

    I only want to purchase that paid premium theme if the banner may be customized with a logo/graphic header instead of plain text.

    Unfortunately, it's not clear. I'm confused by @lance's response above that "Headlines has a custom logo uploader that replaces the default text title."

    Was he wrong? Referring to self-hosted WP blog theme not free blog? Or is there a different way to accomplish what I would like to do?

    There are 100+ users of the Headlines theme currently on ... is there a list of them somewhere so I can look to see if anybody has changed the banner?

    Sorry, seems like I'm not asking the right question to get the right answer. My apologies and sincere thanks for the replies.

  13. The only Headlines user here at wordpress.COM I am aware of is found in this thread >
    and this one

    Lance is referring to wordpress.COM and not to wordpress.ORG.

    As for answers to the other questions either lance or another Theme Team member will answer you. they monitor these Themes Forum threads.

  14. You know what, I'm sorry .. I created the confusion by erroniously saying the free hosting is when I meant .org.

    I don't think the list of custom headers has been updated to include premium themes yet.

    I guess the only way I can find out for sure is to buy it. If it doesn't work, I can request a refund.

  15. I would wait until Staff answer your questions. I will also now make the choice to NOT respond to any questions whatsover that pertain in any way to Premium Themes. Best wishes for a happy neding.:)

  16. @radiopd I agree that you should try it out to see for yourself. It's a great theme!

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