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Heads Up: Flickr Deprecating "Share To" WordPress on 25/3


    The salient part is

    Secondly, we are announcing that we are deprecating the support for our built-in sharing options for WordPress [sic], Blogger and LiveJournal on 3/25. Deprecating features is never an easy decision, but we have seen that all of these services combined are now adding up to less than one percent of daily share volume from Flickr.

    Which I understand to mean that this method will no longer be supported:

    Meantime, the flickr HTML option is being brought back to the "new flickr experience" in addition to the current iframe embed, which we cannot use here on

    Of course, this does not affect the WP o-embed method of copying and pasting the link of the flickr image page on its own line in your post or page, I hope!

  2. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. If you are a Windows Live Writer user download the plugin called Flickr4Writer. You can use this to embed Flickr images into your WLW article which when you transfer it to the blog will be included.

  4. Thanks for that tip!

    Again, this change by flickr only affects flickr's blog to WordPress utility. It doesn't change the other methods of using one's flickr photos on a WordPress blog.

  5. Sorry not to reply sooner, but we are working on a solution to this issue. I will keep you posted. :)

  6. Hi jackiedana- any news here? I noticed that the section of the Support document I linked to above is no longer there...

  7. @justjennifer it looks like this is all in Flickr's hands. If they decide to adopt a new system that works with ours, we would be happy to see what we could do on our end to help our users.

    You're welcome to contact Flickr and ask for a way to share their content easily on sites again.

  8. @jackiedana-I sort of figured as much since this was initiated at flickr's end, but your first reply about "...we are working on a solution to this issue" intrigued me. :)

    Oddly, it seems you can continue to post from flickr to self-hosted installs below 3.5? I'm not sure how/why com got left out. /scratches head

  9. I'm really not sure myself. Some of our developers were trying to sort it out, but determined that due to the way Flickr has changed things, we aren't able to make it work at this time. If there's enough demand, as in Flickr users contacting Flickr asking to return the sharing options, perhaps that could change.

  10. Any word on this? As far as I can see there is now no way to embedd a Flickr set/album to a [free] blog post - is that right? I think that this might work on a subscription blog, but I don't know... ?

  11. Any word on this? As far as I can see there is now no way to embedd a Flickr set/album to a [free] blog post

    Yes, there is a way: see this post on my blog:

    Full instructions, here:

  12. @galois, embedding a flickr slideshow (which I've done previously with the oembed method and which apparently has also now stopped working) is not quite the same as embedding a set/album (which I've done with flickr's "Post to blog" option when it was available). You can see an example here:

  13. embedding a flickr not quite the same as embedding a set/album

    @justjennifer: sorry for the mistake. Last night I was very tired (and perhaps it was also very silly).
    However, the method to embed an album also changed: I just put the link only, and it worked.
    Now I have to use the method of @panos/@justpi

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