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Health questions

  1. What is the most healthful thing you do daily ?

    What is the most unhealthful thing you do daily ?

    Our nutritionist is here to answer you questions !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I bike to work!

    I sit around all day on the computer. I often eat donuts for breakfast as well!

  3. Same as Max, I ride my bicyle to wherever I need to go.
    But other than that I use my computer a lot when I'm not at work.

    But I've been trying to change that little by little and next week will have me doing yoga!

  4. To max thank you for replying to our health forum! riding your bicycle to work is an excellent cardiovascular activity and should be kept up. However you are neglecting the nutritional aspect of your diet by eating doughnuts for breakfast . Your body needs specific raw materials to keep you strong and fit to ride everyday. Try a combination of oatmeal, seeds and nuts with some fruits for breakfast instead. This will power you throughout the day and your body will thank you.

  5. Thank you selvinaz for replying to our forum. Like max you seem to have excellent habits in riding your bicycle and good luck with yoga , increasing your flexibly is outstanding. You didn't mention your nutritional habits , so I an only assume that you are making wise decisions. If not please start thinking about the necessary changes in your diet.

  6. I eat apples and I walk to and from my house to k-mart and I drink more water
    I need to stop eating the wrong foods and stay on my healthy eating.

  7. Same Max, I ride my bike, where to go.

    But otherwise I use my computer a lot when I'm not at work

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