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Heaps of spam getting through today

  1. Yeah... spam, gotta love it NOT! Is anyone else getting heaps today.

    I am!

    Driving me nuts. I am moderating so akismet learns.

  2. Akismet had a problem and yes some got through - sorry about that.

    It does show though that if Akismet was not here then you would have many times that spam and every single day.

    So this is an annoyance but in the overall scheme of things it's not so bad.

  3. Amen, not much got through at all, and I speak as one who had 15 pages of spam.

  4. I have noticed a big increase in spam getting through in the past four hours. I also acknowledge the great job Askimet does. I hope they get it back up and running again soon - I have been spoiled!

  5. 7 in moderation and 1 got through - very terrible by normal standards in my blog today. please get well soon akismet!

  6. I have 25 in moderation. What's going on?

  7. I gave the reason above.

  8. I'd give like my left arm for only 25.

    613 in moderation and caught by Akismet in the last 4 days on my main blog.

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