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  1. While not everyone may want to die, I guess the age old you won't know till you've tried might come in to play. How do we know we don't want to die? I wonder if we were this scared to be born. It is just as natural, and just as uncomfortable I would imagine. At least you don't leave life from a crotch.....well I guess most of us don't. There are always those of us who live with our heads up our asses for quite some time you would start to wonder. 3 years ago I made a mistake. I have spent the last year of my life kicking myself for it and I would really like to stop. I have to keep reminding myself simple things like energy hating those that have taken my precious time here on earth; making it crap, is really only taking away from the quality in which I live each day for. What if they won't stop? Sometimes, these are the moments when you need to kick your own ass. You need to get loud and in your own face. Say to yourself, "listen here you suck of a human, time to woman up and quit your bitching and crying. Time to just think with your brain instead of that thing that's about to kill you inside your chest." It is a choice we make to use our brains. It doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, it just means "listening" to your brain despite the pain in your chest makes you tougher and more of a warrior to fight through the pain even at it's worst knowing someone somewhere has gotten through more and others' don't hurt are just a bigger baby.

    I tried and I failed. I still hate his guts. Too bad death is so damn final, or I'd try a bite....curious. I wonder what it tastes like. "Yes sir, I'll have the death.....death by sleep, with a side of heaven" This could be very interesting. Wonder if in the future it will be some sort of thrill seeker, adventure travel for the rich. Die today and come back tomorrow, that way you'll know what your in for.....find out today if you've been good enough to get into heaven!

    Here's to hoping assholes live so long they would do anything to bite it.

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  2. Okay totally creeped out when I remembered I wrote this and then had heard Steve Jobs died Wednesday, God bless him; remembering his stanford speech and his amazing concepts of life and death and how I hope to acheive the happiness he seemed to find.

  3. People are starting to theme their funerals as much as their weddings now. Just looking on Google you can find Star Ship Enterprise Urns to Elvis 'Return to Sender' Coffins. Why not have a party to the afterlife?


  4. I have seen that and I think it is fabulous. Why not go out with a bang? Just because people associate death with a sadness or loss doesn't mean it isn't as natural as when people came into the world, and should be a celebration of life as well.

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