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Heeeelp meee (little fly with a human head)

  1. Though I am extremely proud that I have been able to figure out how to post something here, still I would really be grateful for any kind of wordpress mentorship or anything I can find to show me around and give me some tips. All I have now is the the vague idea of a "homepage", and a million cluttered ideas in my head.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am pretty much at the same spot you are, but I can tell you everything I have learned over the 2 weeks I actively blogged. It will only take a minute! You can email me at [email redacted] or message me on aim.

    BUT, I'm pretty sure 95% of other bloggers would be much better resources

  3. Thank you for answering :)

    I will try to email you at [email redacted] lol

  4. I guess that shows you how much of a wordpress pro I am -.-. I will try again.

  5. Ok :)

  6. Ugh! That little fly caught in web. Oh that really freaks me out. I cannot ever watch that ever again. Eeeeek!

  7. @vafann. You may find this helpful:

    Good luck.

  8. Hi jessielansdel! Thank you so much! That link was really helpful :)

    I still can´t find any information about what size the background image should be if you want to change the one that´s already on a theme. Any suggestions? :)

    Yeah, and that litte fly is sooo creepy lol.

  9. @vafann. Here you are. This will give you all the relevant info' for your theme and the header, background dimensions;

  10. Hi again jesielansdel! And thank you again :)

    I did find this myself, but I don´t know if I´m blind or that I just don´t understand. It says that the header is 940 x 150 px, I get that, but it doesn´t say the background size. I would assume that the background is also 940px wide, but I can´t see where it says how tall it should be.

    Maybe this means that you can´t really change the background besides the color?

    I have just scribbled together a quick temporary test header image to see if I understand how to change it, I hope I don´t wreck something in the process when I´m testing things ugh.

    Thank you again for your patience with me. :)

  11. Well, that didn´t work at all! The only thing it changed was the small rectangular shape behind the header text, and it looked terrible lol.

    I guess then what it is I want is to change is the whole backround image, and since it looks like you have to just upload a slice of something that repeats itself, then I suppose that what I want to do is impossible.

    It says something about changing the background to white, and then it´s just waiting for you to add your own background, but it doesn´t say how to do it.

    I´m pulling my hair out..

  12. This is exactly what it says, but it doesn´t say how..

    "When you add a custom background image or color, the main content area and right-hand sidebar will turn white, transforming Matala into a blank canvas that awaits your creations".

  13. Ah, I see the problem but, as I myself am relatively new to blogging (6 months) I don't want to confuse you any more than is necessary. I'm sorry I could not be of more help because I know what it's like to want your site to look just so.

    Me thinks you should go back to support forums my dear, and explain there what it is you want.

    Good luck with your blog though and please, no more human headed flies in webs. Ughhhhh!!! ;)

  14. Ok, thank you so much for your help so far jessielansdel, I have tried to post my question in another part of the forum without the human-headed fly title lol, it might be easier to understand what I mean that way.

    Thank you for being here in this strange new world I have gotten lost in. :)

  15. Your welcome. I look forward to seeing your site when it's up and running and absolutely perfect. :)

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