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Heeeyyyo (: I'm a n00b!~

  1. Hah, heeey there (:
    I'm totes new to this site, and kinda new to blogging itself, so I guess I'm kinda nervous! Call me Roqa, nice to meet you! I hope I can get to know you all and be really active within the forums & my blog. Haha cause honestly, once I start something, I never finish it :9

    The blog I need help with is

  2. welcome to WordPress!

    Keep blogging :)

  3. Welcome to the WP community! :) I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do

  4. Thanks!~
    Haha I hope so!

  5. theartofvariety

    Welcome to the site and happy blogging!

  6. ^ ^ Thanks! <3

  7. Welcome to WordPress! You're def gonna love it. I also thought I wouldn't stick around for long but I really found a family on here. It's so much better than Facebook.

    Good luck, and persevere! It's like Harry Potter - you have to make it past Chapter Two, but then it's just freaking epic.

  8. HARRY POTTER REF? Do you KNOW how much I love you for that? xD (I'm a HP fanatic akjalksfjlaskjfa).

    And thanks! Yeah, I'm already pretty hooked (: Bahaha hoyeah, a lot better than facebook - def agree with you on that one!

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