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Height and width specifications not working with Youtube videos on my blog

  1. illwearanycoloraslongasitsblack

    On my blog:, Youtube videos recently stopped stretching to the height and width I specified in the post and are just the typical size as they are on the Youtube website. No idea why this started happening. The code I am putting in is copied exactly from the page WP Support about how to embed videos (with &h for height and &w for width). I've tried different browsers, clearing cache, restarting, etc. but it still looks this way. Clearly this is not a life or death situation but I like for all the images to be the same size for aesthetic reasons. If anyone knows what I can do to make them go back to the way they were, please let me know...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just started having the same problems....all my videos from old posts went back to the regular YouTube size. Please help!!

  3. I'm experiencing the same problem. Seems has disabled the feature, probably trying to convert it to paid service to earn more money???

  4. illwearanycoloraslongasitsblack

    I'll pay, just tell me where to go.... I don't want my blog looking so crappy :(

  5. I'm sure it is a temporary glitch. Youtube and the other videos covered by shortcodes I'm certain will stay free, just as they have always have been.

  6. I hope so! fI looks really messed up without the Height and width specifications!

  7. Make sure to report the glitch directly to staff via:

  8. I have the same problem! It seems that appends "&rel=1&fs=1&showsearch=0&hd=0" to youtube link removing personalized optional parameters.

  9. I just realised today that all my videos in are shrink. Thought it was just me, after googling, it seems it affects all wordpress users who used the &w=&h= settings.

  10. illwearanycoloraslongasitsblack

    Anyone have any idea how we can fix this??

  11. illwearanycoloraslongasitsblack

    I contacted support. If I hear back, I'll post here.

  12. I've got that problem too..

  13. Same here. I contacted Support as well.

  14. I contacted support response from them yet

  15. I think they're trying to fix the issue, or changing some things since my sidebar also all of the sudden got bigger

  16. I can't add my Logitec Quickcam video blog to my blog....give me some kind of security violation notice. Anyone else having a similar notice?

  17. illwearanycoloraslongasitsblack

    Support wrote me back and when I explained the problem and directed them here yesterday afternoon, I haven't heard back. Still bummed but I will post here if I get anything back from them.

  18. I suspect then that they are looking into it. Being the weekend, you might not hear anything back until Monday. There is always the possibility that Youtube has changed something. I know they have in the past on several occasions without letting anyone know they had changed things.

  19. Having the same problem. I'll keep an eye for this thread.

  20. me too

  21. Still not working the resize parameters for YouTube videos.

  22. It's working!!! Thanks for fixing it.

  23. It's working now :)

  24. illwearanycoloraslongasitsblack

    Woo hoo! Thanks WordPress.

  25. "Hi,
    The customizations, such as height and width, should be working for YouTube videos again. Please let us know if you run into troubles.

    Automattic |"

  26. thanks wordpress. videos are resized back to what i wanted ^_^
    anyone wanna view game videos can visit my blog

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