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Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

  1. If you accelerate an electron (cloud) to some high speed in a cyclotron and then detect it passing through a bottleneck, its speed and position would be known repeatedly. So there is some other meaning involved in the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Can someone explain what it is.

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  3. It's too much trouble. I'll look for another science blog

  4. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle cannot be installed on WordPress.COM blogs; it is a plugin for WordPress.ORG blogs only, as it is javascript based.

  5. And besides, what could possibly have led you to believe that this is a science blog?

  6. Uncertain.

  7. And if he can't tell this is NOT a science blog what could he possibly know about the Heisenberg Principle?

    I'm suspicious.

  8. You think it's physics spam?

  9. Wow, it could be. Most physicist's had been, at least up until now, generally shunning the entire spam principle, but there are those dissenters out there and possibly more are now being swayed by their arguments.

    Could it possibly be that in the near future we will know, with certainty, the speed of spam in a vacuum? I tingle in anticipation.

  10. With Heisenberg, spam can be in more than one place at one time; how digital!

  11. And what is going to happen with all those quantum physicists when they discover that it is not really the particles that are moving, but them? They are all going to be wandering around bumping into things mumbling and drooling on their pocket protectors.

    It will be a sight.

  12. Most of the physicists I know do that already, especially after the pub closes.

  13. Sheesh, you know some too? One nookular and one quantum for me and neither can hold a decent conversation.

  14. As it happens Automattic Inc has a resident physicist, but he's not around right now so I'll take a quick stab.

    The uncertainty principle says you can't simultaneously know both the exact speed and position of each individual electron, due to their wavelike nature. You'd be measuring average speed of multiple electrons (and/or multiple passes), which doesn't contradict the principle because it's an approximation.

  15. @tellyworth, I'm going to use that explanation the next time I get pulled over for speeding.

  16. Just don't bring string theory into it, because once you start talking about p-branes you're likely to get handcuffed.

  17. LOL!

  18. can you sound so sure?

  19. tellyworth... You hold them down and I'll get handcuffs, will red fluffy ones do? lol... x

  20. I'm certain that Mr. Heisenberg was not my grade school principal. Beyond that things get somewhat confused.

  21. I'm uncertain who Heisenberg was, or whether he had any principles.

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