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    I am new to word press so please help! I am using Jentri by Phu Ly and the spacing on my sidebar is too close together. How can I change this??

    The blog I need help with is leoniaea.wordpress.com.



    The only way space between widgets can be changed on any theme here here is if you have
    (1) CSS editing experience and (2) an annually renewable custom design upgrade.

    May I suggest another theme? This new one may suit you > http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/quintus/


    a) The blog linked to your username is using Inuit Types, not Jentri. Please link to the blog in question.
    b) What exactly do you mean by “spacing on my sidebar”? The distance between two widgets, or the distance of successive lines inside one widget, or something else?



    This is just to let you know the blogger has changed theme on the blog linked to their username. That blog was previously using Jentri when I first clicked the username.


    @TT: Thanks. I posted because the line-spacing of a widget can’t be changed without the CD upgrade but the distance between two widgets can. In the meantime I saw the OP’s other thread and realized that they weren’t talking about either of those two distances, they were talking about “something else” altogether!

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